2023 Spring Shootout

Mississippi Play Sports Spring Shootout

Games will be played at Madison Ridgeland Academy 7601 Old Canton Rd, Madison, MS 39110.


Court #1 

9:00 am Jackson Celtics vs. Miss-Lou Eagles (8) grade


10:00 am Miss-Lou Eagles vs. 601 Heat (7) grade


11:00 am MTP vs. Jackson Jaguars (8) girls


12:00 pm 3D Elite vs. Bobcats (JV) girls


01:00 pm Miss-Lou Eagles vs. GTA Stars (8) grade


02:00 pm Run as One vs. GTA Stars (JV) Boys


03:00 pm GTA Stars vs. Trailblazers (Varsity)


04:00 pm Miss-Lou Eagles vs. 601 Heat (5) grade 


05:00 pm Jackson Jaguars vs. Future Stars (8) girls


06:00 pm GTA Stars vs. LA Soldiers (JV) Boys


07:00 pm Run as One vs. GTA Stars (Varsity)


Court #2

9:00 am Lady Elite vs. 3D Elite (JV) girls


10:00 am Church at the Arc vs. Miss-Lou Eagles (5) grade


11:00 am GTA Stars vs. Jackson Celtics (8) grade


12:00 pm 601 Heat vs. GTA Stars (7) grade


01:00 pm 601 Heat vs. Church of the Arc (5) grade


02:00 pm Bobcats vs. Lady Elite (JV) girls


03:00 pm Future Stars vs. MTP (8) girls


04:00 pm GTA Stars vs. Miss-Lou Eagles (7) grade


05:00 pm Trailblazers vs. Run as One (Varsity)


06:00 pm Open


07:00 pm LA Soldiers vs. Run as One (JV) Boys


Rules- Games will be played in 20 minute running clock halves. Clock will stop the last minute of each half. Teams will be awarded (2) timeouts per half. No carry over. Overtimes will be played in 1 minute increments with (1) timeout awarded to each team. Double bonus begins after 10th team foul is committed in half. No 1 plus 1. Players will foul out after the 6th personal foul is committed. Home team provides game ball and book keeper. Home team listed first on schedule.


Admissions is $10

No outside coolers allowed

No outside food, drinks, or snacks.

Water and or Gatorade must be in squirt bottles only.